President Mohamud Meets With His Conterpert William Ruto In Ethiopia

Somali President Dr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has held talks with his Kenyan counterpart William Ruto in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Sunday.

President William Ruto said Kenya will continue to support a stable and peaceful Somalia for the benefit of its people and the East African region.

Speaking on the sidelines of the African Union climate change summit in Ethiopia, the head of state who held talks with Somalia’s president Hassan Mohamud stated that a “peaceful Somalia will provide a conducive atmosphere for increase in trade between the two nations.”

President Mohamud traveled to Ethiopia on Friday to participated in the African Union (AU) summit which kicked off on Saturday.

African leaders met Saturday to discuss a slew of challenges facing the continent as UN chief Antonio Guterres urged them to do more to bring peace to conflict-hit regions.

The summit will also address issues such as security, food crises, and other political and socio-economic matters affecting the continent.

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