Over 1,500 Somali Citizens Flee Sudan’s Political Conflict

The ongoing conflict in Sudan has prompted over 1,500 Somali citizens to flee, according to the Deputy Ambassador of the Somali Embassy in Sudan, Amb Ahmed Abdi Hassan.

The deputy ambassador, who spoke to state media, noted that the embassies of Somalia in Sudan, Ethiopia, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somalia are cooperating to offer aid to Somali citizens affected by the conflict in Sudan.

The government of Somalia recognizes the urgency of rescuing its citizens working and living in Sudan who were caught up in the conflict. In response, the Somali government has taken significant steps to evacuate and receive Somali citizens who were stuck in Sudan and affected by the conflict.

Some of these evacuees have already received aid upon their arrival in Mogadishu, while others have fled to Ethiopia.

The conflict in Sudan has created significant security and humanitarian concerns, including displacement and loss of life. Unfortunately, Somali citizens are not immune to these challenges, and it is essential to extend aid to those affected.

The government of Somalia has been working to ensure the safe evacuation and return of its citizens from Sudan, thanks to the cooperation and support of its various embassies abroad.

The Somali government is committed to rebuilding the nation in the aftermath of devastating conflicts and crises.

The commitment of the Somali government to the safe return of its citizens highlights the importance of collaboration and cooperation between regional governments in solving complex humanitarian issues around the globe.

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