Somalia: Somali President makes justification for why he bowed for dead Kenyan soldiers

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud has given out validation as to why he bowed for the corpse of Kenyan Defense Force soldiers who were killed at El-Ade location in Gedo region of Somalia.

“It was obligatory for me and the rest of the Somali government officials to attend the mourning of the dead Kenyan soldiers who have been killed in our soil while serving for our country” said President Hassan while addressing the participants at the High Level Forum in Istanbul Turkey.

In addition to that the President has added that the Kenyan soldiers in Somalia are not here for vacation and picnics, but sacrificing their lives in course of fighting against Alshabab which is the prime enemy of Somalia and the Somalis.

“My country [Somalia] and Kenya we have common enemy which is Alshabab and in that case we have to show our solidarity towards each other” added President of Somalia.

There was a immense gossip in the social media, when Somali president went to pay respect to the Kenyan soldiers who have been in killed in Somalia. ]

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