NISA Chief Mahad Salad welcomes UN Security Council resolution to lift arms embargo on Somalia

The Somali National Security and Intelligence Agency ( NISA) Director General Mahad Mohamed Salad has welcomed the decision by the United Nations Security Council to lift the arms embargo on Somalia.

In a statement, Salad said that the lifting of the ban will go along way in helping the Somali National Army and other security agents defeat Al-Shabab militant group.

The NISA Chief highlighted that the decision comes at critical moment when the Somali Federal Government is engaged in an all-out war with Al-Shabab.

He added that the lifting will help rebuild the Somali military that would guarantee the stability and peace in the country.

On a different note, National Security adviser of the President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Hussein Sheikh Ali Maalim also extended gratitude to the UNSC for resolving to put away the decade long arms sanction on Somalia.

Maalim emphasized that the Somali government used extensive lobbying and engagements paving the way for the lifting of the restrictions.

He underscored that the lifting of the arms injunction will be a great milestone for the country and heralds the international community’s endeavour to witness a peaceful, stable and prosperous Somalia.

” Lifting of the arms embargo is a major milestone for Somalia as it signifies the international community’s growing confidence in the country’s ability to maintain peace and security.” said Maalim.

The United Nations Security Council convened a special meeting on Friday that culminated into the longest lifting of arms embargo imposed on a sovereign Nation.


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