Somali Internal security minister says border wall will not stop Al Shabaab

Minister for Internal security has appealed to Kenyan government to stop the construction of the wall along the border of the two neighboring countries.

Abdirizack Omar Mohamed has said the construction of the wall will not stop Al Shabaab attacks inside Kenya.

“The erection of the wall along the border will not improve the security challenge that is facing the two countries but instead create more problems,” he said.

The minister said the only way to avert increasing armed group Al Shabaab attacks is close security cooperation between Somalia and Kenya mainly on Intelligence information sharing.

“The wall will only create more avenues and sympathy for Al Shabaab to carry out more attacks inside Kenya which is unnecessary,”

He added that the federal government of Somalia does not believe it will bring solution to the security threat from Al Shabaab to neighboring Kenya.

Kenya is planning to build a 440-mile wall along its border with Somalia in a bid to keep out al Shabaab and boost security after a wave of attacks that have claimed scores of lives and provoked severe criticism of the government’s response.

The wall, a series of concrete barriers, fences, ditches and observation posts overlooked by CCTV stations, is expected to stretch from the Indian Ocean to Mandera, where both countries converge with Ethiopia.