New Shipment Of Medicine And Medical Supplies Arrives In Somalia

Somalia is facing a historic drought that is affecting 8.3 million people across the country, particularly children and women.

To help address this crisis, UNICEF Somalia has received a shipment of approximately 30 metric tons of medicine and medical supplies from the UNICEF Supply Division in Copenhagen.

These supplies will be used to support lifesaving health services in the most affected areas. At the Aden Adde International Airport in Mogadishu, Somalia, the shipment was received by Dr. Maryan Mohammed Hussein, State Minister of Health, and Wafaa Saeed, UNICEF Somalia Representative.

“The arrival of this shipment is critical for Somali children and families who are facing significant challenges due to the drought and associated outbreaks of cholera and measles,” said Wafaa Saeed.

Children and women make up over 80% of Somalia’s displaced population, and children are among the most severely affected, with 5.1 million in need of humanitarian assistance.

These challenges are compounded by outbreaks of cholera and measles, which further increase vulnerability.

By providing essential medicines, midwifery kits and other medical supplies, UNICEF and its partners will be able to reach approximately 1.3 million people in need and ensure that they have access to lifesaving health services. Dr. Maryan Mohammed Hussein expressed the government’s appreciation for UNICEF’s continuous efforts to save the lives of children impacted by the drought.

“This medical supply kit consists of medicines and supplies for mothers and childcare and emergency kits to reach drought-affected areas. It is meant to support our Somali people in need of humanitarian assistance,” she said.

Medicine and medical supplies arrival.

UNICEF is working with the Government of Somalia and implementing partners to target famine-risk districts that are particularly vulnerable as many children, mothers, and people with illnesses or malnutrition in these areas may be unable to access healthcare.

UNICEF’s top priority is to sustain a robust response to this crisis and provide an integrated package of services, including lifesaving health care, immunisations, treatment for severe acute malnutrition and access to safe and adequate water and sanitation to the most vulnerable children.

“This shipment of medicine and medical supplies is in addition to our ongoing efforts to respond to the drought and provide necessary assistance to those in need,” said Saeed.

Thanks to the generous support of donors like USAID and the UK Government, this shipment of medicine and medical supplies will help to ensure that vulnerable children and their communities in hard-to-reach areas have access to essential healthcare services during this critical time

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