Khat import resumes after temporary halt over increased cost

More than 16 flights carrying stimulus plant khat have resumed their operation after disputes between Kenyan producers and Somali customers was resolved.

Somali traders transporting khat into the country have protested the decision by the Kenyan khat producers to increase the prices leading to the pause of the booming business for the last three days.

Sources have confirmed to Radio Dalsan that the two sides have reached consensus which resulted the resumption of the multimillion trade.

Kenyan khat producers are experiencing pressure in the business after several European countries including United Kingdom banned the use of the plant in the country.

Somalia is one of the largest countries in the world that consume the product from Kenyan highlands.

Somali anti khat activist, Abukar Awale is leading a campaign to ban the import and use of khat in Somalia.

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