Jubbaland state president visits recently liberated areas from al Shabaab

Jubaland state president Ahmed Madobe visited on Saturday visited several recently liberated areas from Al Shabab in the Lower Jubba region on Monday, on a mission to meet Somalia National Army (SNA) soldiers on various frontlines as the war on Al-Shabaab gathers momentum in the country.

Jubaland presidents visit has been termed a motivational move after the military liberated new area from the Al-Shabaab fighters.

Ahmed Madobe and military commanders visited villages, including Aw-Qumbale, El-adde, Anjel, and Janay Abadale, which the government forces liberated over the last few weeks.

While speaking to the military units, Madobe pledged that the offensive would continue until the group was removed from Jubbaland. He also urged the residents to collaborate with the army to achieve security.

The fight against Al-Shabaab has intensified in recent months particularly in Galgadud, Hiiraan and Bay regions, with the soldiers working closely with the US Africa Command, the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia [ATMIS] and local militia, who have been instrumental in the war.

The United States has also increased the reward schemes for those volunteering information about Al-Shabaab, with informers now being guaranteed $10 million.

Al-Shabaab militants have been fighting to topple the fragile UN-backed federal government of Somalia, but the group has substantially lost several strategic towns following the offensive by the Somalia army. Thousands of people have been killed by the militants.


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