Somali army & International partners crush Al-Shabaab in massive joint operation

In a major blow to the notorious militant group, 45 Al-Shabaab fighters, including ten high-ranking leaders, have been eliminated during a highly successful joint military operation led by the Somali National Army.

The operation, carried out in the strategic Hiiraan region of central Somalia, marks a significant victory in the ongoing fight against terrorism.

Reliable sources within the Somali army the meticulously planned operation unfolded over the past few days in the remote town of Qob-Yaxaas, located 80 kilometers south of Buloburde.

The targeted assault resulted in the neutralization of 45 militants, effectively dismantling their nefarious activities in the region.

For more than a decade, Somali forces have valiantly battled armed groups that have wreaked havoc on innocent lives and posed a grave threat to national security.

Al-Shabaab, in particular, has been responsible for a string of heinous attacks that have claimed the lives of countless civilians and security personnel.

The successful outcome of this joint operation not only signifies the unwavering determination of the Somali National Army but also highlights the invaluable collaboration with international partners, who have demonstrated their steadfast commitment to eradicating terrorism from Somali soil.

This resounding victory against Al-Shabaab is a significant milestone in Somalia’s ongoing struggle for peace and stability.

As the nation celebrates this critical triumph, the focus now turns to sustaining the momentum gained, further bolstering security measures, and fostering a resilient society that rejects the influence of extremist ideologies.

The Somali National Army and its international partners remain resolute in their mission to restore peace, protect civilians, and ensure a brighter, more secure future for Somalia.

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