Climate activist shot dead in Mogadishu

With the burgeoning cases of violence against civil society members gunmen have shot dead Abdirahman Ali Mohamud, a prominent climate change activist in Mogadishu on Thursday night

Abdirahman was heading to his residence when gunmen approached him and shot him several times on the head and the chest, according to friends and family.

“Abdirahman was killed by unknown gunmen near his home. We are saddened by his death. He was passionate about climate change, youth and peace,” a colleague Mohamed Nur said.

According to witnesses, the gunmen who executed Abdirahman were dressed in police uniform and had managed to escape the scene.
Nobody has been brought to book and no group has yet claimed the responsibility of the attack.

Police in Mogadishu is yet comment on this latest attack.
The killing of Abdirahman comes amid in a string of violent attacks on the members of Somali civil society.

Last week gunmen shot dead a local female aid worker, Shukri Al Mahad Alle, 32, in the Dayniile district, Mogadishu.

Shukri was working with UNICEF as a polio vaccination volunteer. No arrests have been in connection with murder.

In 2019 , Somali-Canadian human rights activist Almaas Elman, who was shot in Mogadishu Almaas was a prominent and dedicated activist. She worked on social justice, women’s rights and the rehabilitation of children affected by conflict in Somalia. She was also associated with the Elman Peace Centre, an organization working to promote peace in Somalia. Her sister, Ilwad Elman, was nominated for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize for her work promoting peace in Somalia.
Her father, Elman Ali Ahmed, also peace activist, was assassinated for his work in Mogadishu in 1996.

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