Al Shabaab Mogadishu hotels attack leaves over ten dead

Armed group Al Shabaab attack on two popular hotels in Mogadishu near Somali presidential palace has left over ten dead.

Friday evening attack was targeted at Wehliye and Siyad hotels respectively which is popular with Somali politicians.

Suicide car bombs detonated through the hotel gates as residents were breaking their fast in Mogadishu before fighters entered the hotel.

Somali Intelligence and Security Agency NISA said through its official tweeter account that Somali Special forces have thwarted the attack saying 11 Al Shabaab attackers including two suicide bombers were killed.

NISA also said there were no civilian fatalities and only three people were wounded.

The security sources also said officials from South Western Regional State of Somalia who were trapped inside during the attack were rescued and they are safe and sound though some Somali media reported that they were allegedly taken hostage by Al Shabaab fighters.

United Nations, Arab league and African Union hav condemned the attack.

Al Shabaab has intensified its attack against the internationally backed government during the holy month of Ramadan.

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