Al Shabaab leader who meet Osama Bin Laden dead after long Illness

Al Shabaab Spokesman Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage has confirmed to the media that one of its high profile leader Sheikh Hassan Turki has died.

Sheikh Rage sent his condolences of the 73 years old who he said has succumbed after long illness.

Sheikh Turki survived several US airstrikes inside Somalia before.

US blacklisted and added him to most wanted list on June 3rd 2004 for close relation with Al Qaida.

Al Shabaab spokesman said Sheikh Turki meet Al Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden three times before his death, two times in Afghanistan and one time in Sudan.

Turki, who surved in Somali military before the collapse of central government in early 1990s was also key figure in Hizb Al Islam which was an off-shot of former Islamic court union.

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