Ahlu Suna new proposals for peace in central regional state formation

Somali Sufi armed group Ahlu Suna Waljama that recently took over Dhusamareb town from government forces have suggested new proposals to end the standoff and pave way for new regional central state establishment.

According to sources the group put forward number of what looks like conditions for peace and end to conflict with government in the area.

The group wants the federal government to recognize the religious movement, include it in the central regional state formation and name overall leader as mufti of the country.

Ahlu Suna which clashed with Somali government several times before has also fought rival armed group and Al Qaida affiliate Al Shabaab in 2008 while taking over key areas from them.

Somali government and its neighbors see the group as unavoidable as far as the fight against Al Shabaab is concerned but its political challenge to central government is not also going well with some of the Somali politicians especially those from the central region.

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