23 Militants, including key commanders, killed in Bulo-Fulay operation

In a significant victory against the Al-Shabaab group, the Somali National Army (SNA) executed a highly coordinated operation in Bulo-Fulay, located in the Bay region.

The operation, carried out on Saturday, specifically targeted Al-Shabaab fighter cells, resulting in the elimination of 23 militants, including two prominent commanders.

The SNA forces executed three distinct operations in Bulo-Fulay, each meticulously aimed at dismantling key elements of the militant organization. The first operation targeted a militant checkpoint, a strategic location that served as a hub for the group’s logistical activities. By neutralizing this checkpoint, the SNA dealt a significant blow to Al-Shabaab’s ability to freely move fighters and supplies.

In the second operation, the SNA forces focused on a garage where the Al-Shabab group had been amassing explosives. This preemptive strike effectively disrupted Al-Shabaab’s plans for future attacks, depriving them of a critical resource. By eliminating this threat, the SNA has taken a proactive stance in safeguarding the population from potential acts of Al-Shabab.

The final operation targeted an administrative office utilized by Al-Shabaab leaders. This precision strike aimed to dismantle the command structure of the organization, depriving them of their leadership and hindering their ability to coordinate attacks. The elimination of two prominent commanders in this operation marks a significant setback for Al-Shabaab, as it weakens their operational capacity and disrupts their chain of command.

Al-Shabaab, known for its brutal attacks and recruitment of young fighters, has posed a persistent threat to Somalia and the wider Horn of Africa region for years.

The SNA’s success in Bulo-Fulay is part of a broader strategy to systematically dismantle Al-Shabaab’s presence throughout Somalia. The Somali government, with the support of international partners, has been actively engaged in counter-terrorism operations to liberate territories and restore stability.

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