BREAKING: Shelling kills four people in Laascanood as tensions escalate between Somaliland & SSC-Khatumo forces

Tragic reports emerging from the city of Laascanood in the Sool region confirm that sporadic shelling throughout the day has resulted in the loss of four lives.

Witnesses on the ground have attested to the casualties caused by the projectiles that have been raining down on the city since morning.

Among the victims, three individuals tragically lost their lives when a projectile struck a warehouse in the city. The devastating impact of the shelling not only claimed lives but also caused significant damage to property in the area. Additionally, a well-known elder met a tragic end when his residence was hit by another projectile, further highlighting the indiscriminate nature of the violence.

Moreover, intermittent gunshots have been reverberating in the vicinity where forces from Somaliland and SSC-Khatumo are locked in a faceoff on the outskirts of Laascanood. The situation remains tense, with limited information available regarding the developments on the front lines of this prolonged battle between the Somaliland forces and local factions.

Laascanood has been a contested area for several months, serving as a focal point of the ongoing conflict between Somaliland and SSC-Khatumo forces.

This is a developing story.

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