UN Security Council meets to address political, security, and humanitarian crisis in Somalia

The United Nations Security Council is convening today to address the ongoing political, security, and humanitarian crisis in Somalia.

The council will hear a report from the Somali president on the latest developments in the country.

The meeting comes at a time when many parts of Somalia are facing difficult political situations, and cooperation between the federal government and member states is strained.

Conflict has erupted in several regions, including Garowe, Lasaanod, Garbaharey, Baladweyne, and Barawe.

In a recent report on Somalia, the Security Council expressed concern about the government’s war with Al-Shabaab and the conflict in the city of Lasanood.

Members of the council fear that the conflict in Lasa’anood could worsen the humanitarian situation, leading to further displacement and exacerbating the drought crisis expected in 2022.

The Security Council has called for the withdrawal of Somaliland troops from Lasanood, but Somaliland has refused to comply with the council’s request.

The situation has raised tensions in the region, with potential repercussions for the wider Somali population.

The Security Council meeting is a crucial step towards addressing the crisis in Somalia and finding a lasting solution to the political and security challenges that the country faces.

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