Somaliland leader unleashes energy potential with Berbera oil reserve project

The President of the breakaway region of Somaliland Musa Bihi Abdi has officially laid the foundation stone for a new fuel storage tank reservoir project in the port city of Berbera.

The project, being implemented by the renowned company Trafigura, aims to meet the growing fuel demand not only within the country but also in the surrounding regions.

During his speech at the ceremony, President Bihi Abdi warmly welcomed the construction of the fuel storage facility, emphasizing the government’s commitment to ensuring the security of the company and its investments.

He affirmed Somaliland’s support for cooperation and close working relations, pledging to safeguard the assets, equipment, and staff of Trafigura.

The President also addressed the issue of individuals who seek to perpetrate insecurity and undermine national unity, labeling them as enemies of the country. He called upon the populace to remain vigilant and reject their motives aimed at destabilizing the nation.

President Bihi Abdi stressed the importance of unifying for the greater good of the nation, highlighting that while both good and evil exist in human nature, the people of Somaliland must always rally together to promote development and thwart any forces that oppose peaceful stability, governance, and the nationhood of Somaliland.

Commending the efforts of large companies in the country that have attracted multinational investments, the President expressed his confidence in the united spirit of the people of Somaliland to drive economic, political, and cultural development.

He firmly stated that the nation will defend its progress against any attempts to hinder its growth.

The manager of the oil tank reserve, Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim Abdi, emphasized the significance of the project for the nation, describing it as a substantial investment that has the potential to attract other international companies.

The Governor of Sahil region, Ali Abdi Abdilahi (Ali-‘ase), and the Mayor, Abdishakur Mohamud Hassan (‘Iddin), also spoke about the new oil facility being constructed, underscoring its contribution to Berbera’s standing as a national port.

Representing Trafigura, Mr. Hadi Hallouche praised Somaliland for its cooperation and commitment to investment. He affirmed the company’s steadfastness in executing the fuel tank project, further strengthening their presence in the region.

The Minister of Finance, Dr. Saad Ali Shire, and the Minister of Trade Development, Hon. Mohamud Hassan Saad, welcomed Trafigura’s investment in the oil storage sector in Berbera, highlighting the project’s positive impact on Somaliland’s economic growth.

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