Somalia promotes battalions for thwarting al-Shabab attack

The Somali government has bestowed well-deserved promotions upon two military battalions stationed in the Lower Shabelle region for their heroic efforts in thwarting a recent attack by the Alshabaab group.

The attack, which took place at an army base in the Awdhegle district on Sunday, was repelled by the Somali National Army’s elite force, Gorgor, and the 14 October Brigade, resulting in the elimination of at least 20 al-Shabab militants.

Military commanders have confirmed the valiant actions of the battalions, highlighting the exceptional bravery and skill displayed during the encounter.

General Ibrahim Sheikh Muhyiddin, the commander of Somalia’s armed forces, personally visited the district to commend the soldiers for their dedication and announced the well-deserved promotion of both battalions by two ranks.

Additionally, General Muhyiddin assured the soldiers that their pay would reflect their elevated ranks, acknowledging their commitment and sacrifice for the nation.

The al-Shabab militants, affiliated with the al-Qaeda network, launched three separate attacks in a bid to capture the strategically important Awdhegle district. However, the combined forces of Gorgor and the 14 October Brigade repelled each assault with resolute determination, inflicting severe defeats on the group.

General Muhyiddin expressed great pride in the soldiers’ achievements, emphasizing that their triumphs demonstrated the unwavering strength and resilience of Somalia’s armed forces in the face of adversity.

The attack on Awdhegle occurred just a day after the Somali National Army (SNA) regained complete control of El Garas, an al-Shabab stronghold located in the central state of Galgaduud.

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