Somalia PM launches new Embassy building in Doha

Somalia’s premier Omar Abdirashid on Friday launched new Somalia embassy building in Doha as part of his official tour to Qatar.

Officials from Federal government, foreign diplomats and selected Somali community members living in Qatar was in attendance at the opening ceremony in Doha.

“It’s honor for me to launch this building, we know efforts being made in the last two years to achieve this and now Somalia have a beautiful embassy in here “the PM said.

He asked current Somalia ambassador to Qatar to engage good relations with the Somali Diaspora in Qatar and those who are coming Qatar for various interests.

In an interview with Al-jazeera the PM said that Somali government is giving its utmost effort to stabilize Somalia again after decades of war and now Somalia is ready for foreign business investments.

“Somalia is no longer equated with the negative aspects: piracy, terrorism. Now the country is ready for business. And we want to solicit with whoever wants to invest.” The PM said.

The PM has been holding talks with Qatar officials and both sides discussed ways of boosting current bilateral relations between the two nations.

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