Somalia: Minster evicts civilians from EX-Fiyoore compound

The Minister for information and tourisim of the Somali federal government Honorable Mohamed Abdi Hayer has given 10 days the inhabitants of Ex-Fiyoore to leave the former premises of the Somali musicians.

The Minister addressed the press and the inhabitants of Ex-Fiyoore right inside the premises. “I am hereby telling the inhabitants of Ex-Fiyoore who are not in any way related with the Somali musicians to vacate the compound within 10 days, the building was not only resident for the musicians, but they used to do other significant things which are important for the nation and they are ready to resume soon, the city is now relatively calm and you have to go and look for houses in all parts of the city” said Minister Hayer.

Ex-Fiyore compound used to be exclusively for the Somali singers only, but after the collapse of the last effective central government of Somalia in 1991 many ordinary citizens flow in to habit. The majority of the Somali singers who are now living in rented houses in some parts of the city have highly welcomed the speech of the Minister.

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