Somalia: ISIS fighters in Somalia raid military base in Bossaso

The former Alshabab fighters who have recently defected to Daacish have on Thursday night attacked a military base in the mountainous area of Galgalo location in the coastal town of Bossaso in eastern Somalia. According to the residents in the area both sides have exchanged light and heavy weapons including antiaircraft missiles ( Zu ).

The military commander of the regional state of Puntland General Siciid Mohamed Hirsi has prior the attack said that the Daacish fighters in the Galgalo mountains are organizing attacks on their military bases in Puntland and they are fully prepared to defend themselves if any attack comes from the Daacish side.

“The motive behind their attack is to show the world that the Daacish fighters in Somalia have attacked military base in Somalia” said General Mohamed.

Till now the actual casualties from both sides is not known, and this attack comes at a time when the regional government of Puntland has claimed that it has completely eradicated Alshabab or Daacish elements within its territories.

The leader of the Islamist faction in Puntland Sheikh Abdikadir Muumin has officially announced in October that they have absolutely defected from Alshabab and joined the Daacish group.

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