Somalia: Degodia Tribe in Somalia banished from Jowhar Conference.

The number of the tribes who are being outcaste from Jowhar conference is tremendously increasing, and this is coming after the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Somali Federal government has at large dominated in the power sharing process of the establishment of an autonomous State for Hiraan and the Middle Shabelle regions of Somalia.
The last tribe which has walked out of the Jowhar conference is the Degodia tribe which is one of the moral-fibers of the Hawiya clan.
After taking that decision furious traditional elders of the Degodia tribe on Saturday held a press conference in Jowhar town the headquarters of the middle shabelle region.
“Our name [Degodia] is not been mentioned in the table in which the tribes living in these two regions were mentioned, we inhabit in a large area of Hiraan region and there is no place where our name “Degodia is mentioned, this is absolutely iniquitous and unfairness done by the Ministry of Internal Affairs” said the Chief of the Degodia tribe in Somalia Honorable Abdi Hussein Abdulle.
The Chief has also added that the Degodia tribe occupies 18 sub-locations in Hiraan region, and that El-Ali location in Hiraan region is where the ancestors of the Degodia tribe descended from and yet they didn’t get reverence from the federal government in particular from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
The spokesman of the Degodai Tribe in Somalia Honorable Abdi Mohamoud Aden “Abeey’ and elder Adow Kadiye have similarly called the conference in Jowhar town as null and void, and are not satisfied with how things are being administered.
“We cannot keep watching men like us usurping our rights, and we are urging the senior officials of the Federal Government of Somalia to intervene this complicated issue before it falls off from hand” said Abdi Mohamoud the spokesman of the Degodia tribe in Somalia.
Dogodia is a Somali clan of the Hawiye tribe in Kenya. The tribe is located mainly in Mandera county and Wajir county of the North-Eastern province.
Degodia is the majority in Wajir as they form more than 83 percent of the population according to the 2009 census.
They form more than 38 percent of the county population. They predominately settle in Mandera, Ashabito, Rhamu (Mandera north constituency), in Malka Mari (Banisa constituency) and along Daawa River.
They engage in pastoralism and farming. The clan also inhabits northern and southern regions of Somalia.
They also reside in Ethiopia, mainly in the Ogaden province stretching from Jig-jiga through Filtu to Dolo (Addo).
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