Somalia cautions public regarding impending El-Nino rains

In a bid to protect the Somali people from the looming threat of floods and the anticipated El-Nino storm, the Somali Disaster Management Agency (SoDMA) issued a compelling warning on Monday.

With autumn rainfall expected to exceed normal levels, the agency urged citizens to remain vigilant and take immediate precautions to mitigate the potential devastation caused by these forthcoming storms.

During a press conference, Khadar Sheikh Mohamed Noor, the Director of the National Center for Warning of General Threats at SoDMA, emphasized the escalating concerns surrounding the El-Nino phenomenon. “The intensifying El-Nino situation indicates a surge in moisture, exacerbating the already heavy autumn rains. Forecasts indicate that the entire country, including riverine areas, is at high risk of flooding,” warned Khadar Sheikh Mohamed.

The gravity of the situation was further underscored as Khadar Sheikh Mohamed revealed, “Reports suggest a staggering 95% probability of this event occurring. It is absolutely imperative for the Somali people to acknowledge this warning and take immediate and appropriate measures to safeguard themselves and their communities.”

The anticipated rainfall is expected to commence in October, with forecasts indicating prolonged periods of precipitation and consecutive rainy days unlike previous years. Given these predictions, Khadar Sheikh Mohamed urged citizens to steer clear of coastal areas, riverbanks, and confluence points to minimize the risk of harm. “We implore the community to remain vigilant and conduct early assessments, particularly in residential areas located near rivers. We will provide guidance on safe evacuation routes, and it is paramount that individuals stay tuned to radio broadcasts for the latest updates,” reiterated Khadar Sheikh Mohamed.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change of the Federal Government of Somalia had previously issued a similar warning, cautioning of the approaching El-Nino storm that may impact various regions across the country.

Forecasting organizations have already predicted stormy rains along the coastal areas, which, if adequate preparations are not made, could potentially wreak havoc and cause extensive damage.

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