Somalia: Armed men attack Turkish base in Mogadishu

Unknown armed gunmen have on Monday night attacked a Turkish base near Aden Abdulle International airport in the Somali capital Mogadishu.

The Turkish security guard exchanged gunfire with the attackers and in the exchange of the fire one of the attackers was killed and a security guard of the Turkish was wounded.

“ We saw a Toyota land-cruiser coming towards us and we signaled it to stop, but the driver ignored signal then we fired a warning shot on the air, and still the driver insisted to driver towards us then we target at one of the tyres, but we missed to get the tyre then there was automatic machinegun fired from the Toyota, and we fired back after some minutes of exchange of the gunfire the attacker drove away and left one of their dead fellow behind, there was also one of our colleagues who sustained bullet injury” said Abdi a security guard for the Turkish.

There was a unit of Somali government soldiers who have reached at the scene where the event happened and carried out security search in the vicinity.

The Turkish citizens in Mogadishu have lost several of their fellows Turkish in either assassination or explosions, but they do still insist to remain in Mogadishu, it was last Friday when a Turkish citizen who was stepping out of one of the mosques in Mogadishu was sprayed with bullets, and sustained injuries.

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Mohamed Omar Hussein

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