Somalia: All business centers in Bosasao shutdown

The entire business centers including the main harbor are on Tuesday closed after the autonomous government of Puntland has increased the levies of some of the imported goods.

There were no absolutely activities of importing and exporting which has taken place at the seaport in the commercial town of Bosaso on Tuesday morning and due to this the normal business in the town come to standstill.

The latest reports coming in from Bosaso says that there is a meeting between the local traders and  officials from the Ministry of finance which is now going on in Bosaso, and this meeting is all about dropping the new duties which the Ministry of finance has imposed on some of the imported goods.

This business breakdown comes at a time when the President of Puntland Mr. Abdiweli Gass is due to travel to Bosaso in order to unveil the Boasaso airstrip which was just recently refurbish.

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