Somalia and Djibouti strengthen cooperation for enhanced security & stability

In a bid to enhance peace and stability in the region, the Federal Government of Somalia and the Republic of Djibouti have pledged to strengthen cooperation in law enforcement.

The agreement was reached during the 46th anniversary of the formation of the Djibouti police force which was celebrated in Djibouti City.

The event was attended by Somali’s Police Commissioner General Sulub Ahmed Firin, alongside a delegation of other Somali dignitaries.

The celebration provided an opportunity for regional security chiefs to engage in discussions on best practices to strengthen partnership in combating crime within the region.

General Firin, who has displayed exemplary leadership and commitment to enhancing security and justice in Somalia, observed that the presence of the Somali delegation demonstrates the deep ties shared by the two countries in the security field.

The need for sharing intelligence information amongst security agencies in the region, joint operations, capacity building, and tackling organized crime such as terrorism and other cross-border threats were some of the key issues discussed during the celebration.

The agreement reached during the event is expected to boost collaboration between security agencies in the two countries, leading to enhanced security and stability in the region.

Speaking during the event, General Firin emphasized the importance of cooperation between the two countries in enhancing security, stating that “the security of one country is interconnected with the security of the other.” He further added that “We must work together to defeat the common enemy, which is terrorism and other organized crimes.”

Djibouti’s Minister of Interior, Hassan Omar Mohamed, also emphasized the need for collaboration, stating that “We need to work together and share intelligence information to be able to effectively combat cross-border crimes, especially terrorism.”

The collaboration between the two countries is crucial in ensuring the success of the fight against terrorism and other organized crimes in the region.

It is expected to boost the capacity of law enforcement agencies in the two countries to combat crime and enhance peace and stability in the region.

The collaboration is expected to strengthen the capacity of law enforcement agencies in the two countries to combat cross-border crimes and ensure the safety and security of their citizens.

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