Somalia: Al- Shabab threatens to continue explosion attacks

The active fanatic Islamist group in somalia has on Sunday threatened to continue their attacks in the country wide in particular in the government institutions.

It was yesterday when Alshabab fighter has committed suicide attack in a military training camp in the coastal seaport town of Kismayo and killed 15 government soldiers and 3 of the trainers and injured over 30 .

Similarly there was another attack which took place in Mogadishu late on Saturday afternoon and has caused the death of 6 civilians and injured 10 others.

“We shall not stop our attacks on the Somali government and their allay the so called African Union troops” said Ali Mohamoud Raage the spokesman of Alshabab.

Sheikh Mohamoud also sent a message to the Somali government soldiers urging them to keep away from them when they are waging attacks against the AU troops.

Eventually the spokesman for Alshabab has proudly claimed to be behind the suicide attack carried on a Somali military training ground in Kismayo.

The Somali government soldiers gaining military support from the AU troops in the country have eliminated Alshabab from key towns in south and central Somali which they have been controlling for more than 8 years.

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