Somali President welcomes the resignation of Constitutional Review Commission Chair

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has acknowledged the resignation of Mrs Asha Gelle Dirie, Chairperson of the Independent Constitution Review Commission.

He said his government will respect her decision but regretted her tireless efforts in the commission.

“I was saddened to hear of Mrs Dirie’s resignation. It is her decision, and we respect this. We thank her for her tireless efforts to mobilize the Commission and begin its urgent and critical work,” he said.

President Mohamud said the commission was led by Mrs. Gelle was key in the collapsed government institutions in the country.

“The Constitution is the foundation piece of the process of state-building; it sets out what Somalia will look like, how we will function as a nation, our values and principles. The success of the other two Vision 2016 goals: state formation and national elections in 2016 rely upon its successful revision and adoption,” he said.

“Our focus must now be on ensuring the rapid replacement of the Chairperson with the right individual who will drive the process forward: quickly and rigorously. The completion of all elements Vision 2016 is not an optional extra, but an absolute must if we are to firmly set Somalia on the path to peace and prosperity. There will be no compromise,” he added.

The President has requested the swift resolution, calling upon the authorities to ensure that a replacement is nominated within the week.

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