Somali president convenes meeting with Hirshabelle regional leaders to address pressing issues.

Jowhar, Somalia – President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud met with Hirshabelle regional state leaders at Jowhar’s airport on Wednesday to discuss the ongoing political crisis and the fight against al-Shabab.

The President’s visit comes amid heightened tensions in the region following the recent dismissal of Hiiraan region governor Ali Jeyte Osman.

The President’s visit to Jowhar was intended to prepare for the second phase of the operation against al-Shabab, which is set to commence in the coming days, according to Daud Haji Irro, the spokesperson for the Hirshabelle presidency.

Reports suggest that the President also discussed the political crisis within the Hirshabelle administration with regional leaders, stemming from the dismissal of former Hiiraan region governor Ali Jeyte Osman.

The political conflict in the Hirshabelle administration arose when Ali Jeyte, the former governor of the Hiiraan region, refused to step down after being removed from office by the regional President last month. Governor Abdullahi Ahmed Maalin Sufurow was appointed as Jeyte’s replacement but has not yet officially assumed office due to Jeyte’s refusal to step down.

During his conversation with the Hirshabelle President, President Mohamud also addressed the recurring inter-clan conflicts in the Middle Shabelle region.

The President previously failed to resolve the conflict in the Hiiraan region in Mogadishu, as the former governor declined an invitation for talks.

The visit to Jowhar is part of the President’s efforts to intensify the fight against al-Shabab, which has been a major threat to the security and stability of the country for many years. The President is expected to visit Galmudug in the coming days to further discuss the fight against al-Shabab.

Dr. Abdinur Sheikh Mohamed, a former Somali Presidential candidate, voiced his support for the ousted governor and strongly opposed Jeyte’s removal, citing his exceptional leadership in the fight against Al-Shabaab on behalf of his people. Dr. Abdinur also criticized the Hirshabelle President’s action as aggressive.

The Somali government has not yet made an official statement regarding President Mohamud’s visit to Jowhar, but it is expected that further discussions will take place to address the political crisis in the region and the ongoing fight against al-Shabab.

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