Somalia’s premier inspects National Immigration Agency

Mogadishu, Somalia – Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Bare conducted an inspection of the National Immigration Agency and met with the agency’s administration to assess the outcome of the immigration agency’s administration change.

The Prime Minister oversaw the work being done by the agency and discussed ways to improve its services for the Somali people.

The Director of the National Immigration Agency briefed the Prime Minister on the agency’s long-term development plan, detailing the significant progress that has been made despite challenges such as corruption and institutional mismanagement.

The Prime Minister commended the agency for its efforts and emphasized the importance of transparency, efficiency, and dignity in the agency’s operations.

During the meeting, Mr. Hamza Bare stated that the newly appointed Director should prioritize the development of the National Immigration Agency, ensuring that it operates with transparency, efficiency, and dignity not only within Somalia but also on a global scale.

This is critical in restoring Somalia’s image positively in the world.

The National Immigration Agency plays a significant role in the country’s security and economic development, with its responsibility for regulating the movement of people and goods in and out of Somalia.

The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of the agency’s work in safeguarding the country’s borders and protecting its citizens from threats such as terrorism, human trafficking, and illegal migration.

The Prime Minister’s visit to the National Immigration Agency is part of his ongoing efforts to improve the quality of services provided by government agencies to the Somali people.

He has emphasized the need for government institutions to operate with transparency, accountability, and efficiency in order to meet the needs of the citizens.

The Prime Minister’s inspection of the National Immigration Agency signals his commitment to improving the agency’s operations and addressing the challenges it faces.

As Somalia continues its journey towards stability and development, the National Immigration Agency will play a critical role in ensuring the country’s security and prosperity.

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