Somali double national MPs defending the interest of foreign states in own land

Majority of Somali members of parliament have foreign passports in the name of double citizenship.

The few who did not get access to European and American passports have the neighboring countries passports mainly Kenya and Ethiopia but what makes them all in common is the clear defending of the interest of this countries rather than own homeland.

It is shocking discovery that Somali MPs possessing UK passports have been realized siding with UK oil and petroleum companies interested in Somalia but already facing unprecedented corruption case, same as those having Norwegian and Kenyan passports on the disputed oil rich Indian ocean water border between Kenya and Somalia

National risks, dishonor, corruption reaching its international level is day after day increasing within the frame work of the Somali federal government, there is also immense anxiety circulating among the Somali communities about the fate of the government.

It is beyond doubt that there is administration pandemonium accurate accountability, but besides all that every responsible person twists and turns his/her national responsibility and duties the way he or she feels like doing it.

In the political uproar there are things like, weaknesses, national traitors, personal interest and  group interest which are been felt in the national political platform. It is very seldom to see the community pleasing the national figures.

After all these facts the important issue to highlight is that almost all the current members of the House are not candid for the national responsibilities they are trusted and designated for.

In the International standard the members of the House are for sure the state lawmakers, but for the case of the Somali members of parliament is quite different, because they were selected according to clan elders’ selection, which will come to an end sooner or later.

We have been torching our journalistic torch within the members of the members of the Somali National Assembly for a quite longtime, and we found out that the majority of them have other nationalities, and in that case they care less about the national issues and interests.

It is for sure that the members of the House, who possess two passports and have the legitimacy of two nationalities, don’t care about the national interests and issues.

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