Somali army kills over 30 Militants in Southern Somalia Clash

In a fierce battle that erupted on Friday, Somali army forces, with the support of international partners, repelled an attack by al-Shabaab in the Qoryoley district of the Lower Shabelle region.

The clash resulted in the deaths of at least 30 militants and marked a significant victory for the security forces and local militia, who now maintain full control over the district.

The confrontation unfolded when the al-Shabaab militants briefly infiltrated parts of the Qoryoley district, prompting an intense hour-long gun battle with the determined security forces.

The well-coordinated response from the joint forces effectively pushed back the militant group, thwarting their attempt to establish a foothold in the area.

Reports from the Ministry of Information indicate that the joint forces also managed to destroy vehicles laden with explosives during the operation.

The government troops are pursuing the militants who managed to escape, ensuring that they are held accountable for their actions.

“We have eliminated more than 30 al-Shabaab militants in a military operation in the Qoryoley district after the group attempted to launch an attack on the district,” declared a statement from the Ministry of Information, underscoring the resounding success of the security operation.

This recent attack by al-Shabaab comes in the wake of the Somali government troops’ withdrawal from several strategic locations in the Galgadud region.

The retreat followed a deadly assault by al-Shabaab on soldiers in the village of Cowsweyne, where the group claimed to have killed 178 soldiers. However, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has refuted al-Shabaab’s claim, asserting that it was the militants who suffered the most casualties and were forced to bury their dead in mass graves.

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