New Hiraan governor urges Somali army to sustain momentum against Al-Shabaab

The recently appointed Governor Abdullahi Ahmed Maalim Sufurow of Hiraan Region has urged the soldiers of the Somali National Army to maintain their steadfast momentum in the ongoing battle against the notorious Al-Shabaab militants.

The governor’s impassioned plea came during his visit to the National Army’s frontline at Oya-Mago in the region, where he was accompanied by Hirshabelle Transport and Aviation Minister Muse Salad Wehilye, as well as other esteemed government officials.

This visit served as a crucial opportunity for the governor and his delegation to not only boost the morale of the soldiers but also rally local forces behind the National Army’s cause, fostering a unified front in the defense of the area.

Governor Sufurow, exuding unwavering confidence in the capabilities of the National Army, expressed his belief that these valiant troops possess the power to completely eradicate the Al-Shabaab militants from all regions across the country.

Together, they have recently thwarted multiple attempts by the militants to launch attacks in the region, demonstrating the efficacy of their collaborative approach.

Governor Sufurow took the opportunity to assure the National and regional forces of the government’s unwavering support. He pledged to provide both moral support and essential equipment, empowering the soldiers to effectively tackle and eliminate the grave threat posed by the Al-Shabaab militants. Recognizing the critical role played by the armed forces in restoring peace and stability, the governor emphasized the government’s commitment to equipping them with the necessary resources to carry out their duties with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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