Somali Army Kills 60 Al-Shabaab Members in Planned Operation in Mudug Region

In a planned operation, the Somali national army in the south of the Mudug region has killed 60 members of the Al-Shabaab terrorist group.

The operation occurred in Ali-Qaboobe, which is approximately 30 kilometers south of Harardhere district in the Mudug region.

The governor of the Harardere district, Mohamed Yusuf Kulmiye, confirmed reports by state media that the army had received information about a vehicle carrying weapons and armed militants carrying out the operation.

According to Governor Kulmiye, in addition to the killing of Al-Shabaab members, the government forces seized two vehicles and the weapons they were carrying.

The Minister of Defense of Somalia, Abdiqadir Mohamed Noor, posted a brief statement on his Facebook page, saying,

“By the grace of God, the Khawarij have been killed in an ambush in which tens of people have died and their vehicles have been burned in the Harardere area.”

This operation marked the biggest recent loss for Al-Shabaab at a time when the terrorist group has been gathering in areas under Harardhere district.

The operation involving the killing of Al-Shabaab members has been commended by various authorities and stakeholders as a significant achievement in the ongoing fight against terrorism in Somalia.

The Somali national army has demonstrated its commitment to rooting out terrorist groups and protecting its citizens.

The timely intelligence that led to the success of the operation is a testament to the government’s continued efforts to improve its intelligence gathering and sharing capabilities.

The determination of the Somali army and concerted efforts to combat terrorism will help promote the country’s stability and support the rebuilding process.

The victory achieved by the army should encourage all Somalis to increase their efforts to establish peace in the country.

The success of this operation highlights the importance of continued commitment and cooperation between the people of Somalia and its leaders in ensuring the stability, prosperity, and security of the country.

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