Somali Civil Aviation Authority Issues Warning to Somali Airlines

The Somali Civil Aviation Authority has issued a warning to Somali Airlines regarding the treatment of passengers.

In a statement, the airlines have been advised that passengers cannot be kept at the airport for more than three hours and cannot be booked while waiting for the plane to board and check its safety.

The warning comes following an incident where approximately 50 passengers were delayed at an airport after one of the airlines tried to cancel a flight.

Passengers reported that they were waiting in a separate line to retrieve their checked luggage. This incident highlights a common frustration among passengers regarding flight cancellations, extended delays, and lost baggage.

In 2021, the Somali government began issuing licenses to operate in its airspace, commonly known as an Air Operator’s Certificate. The issuance of these licenses marked a significant milestone in the aviation industry in Somalia. Somalia’s plate registration number is 6-Oscar-6-Zero.

Before this milestone, the bulk of aircraft operating in Somalia used registration numbers from different countries such as Kenya. However, with the issuance of the Air Operator’s Certificate, the aviation industry in Somalia is set to experience significant growth and development.

The warning issued by the Somali Civil Aviation Authority is a necessary step in ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers traveling on Somali Airlines.

The authority has a responsibility to regulate and monitor the operations of the airlines in Somalia.

The warning serves as a reminder to the airlines that they must comply with aviation regulations to ensure a safe and smooth travel experience for passengers.

The issuance of the Air Operator’s Certificate and the warning issued by the Somali Civil Aviation Authority are positive steps towards ensuring the enhancement of the aviation industry in Somalia.

These efforts will attract more investment in the aviation sector, creating jobs, and promoting economic growth in the country.

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