Somali army, backed by clan militia, liberates strategic district of Wabho from Al-Shabaab control

The Somali National Army (SNA), with support from local clan militia forces, captured the strategic district of Wabho in the Galgadud region on Monday from Al-shabaab militants.

The liberation of Wabho and several adjacent villages marks a major milestone in the ongoing efforts to combat Al-shabaab and restore stability in the region.

General Abdullahi Ali Anod, the spokesman for the country’s Ministry of Defense, confirmed the successful military operation and the recapture of Wabho and its surrounding areas. He highlighted the significance of Wabho, describing it as a crucial urban center with access to vital water sources and extensive pasturelands equivalent to a district in size.

The district had been under the control of Al-Shabaab for several years, posing a threat to the local population and impeding development in the region.

“Today, the army has seized control of villages, including the district of Wabho, a significant urban center with access to water sources and extensive pasturelands equivalent to a district. They also secured the village of Jaaw, where the enemy had a presence and fake courts. The wives of the group’s leaders were also resided in the areas,” General Anod stated.

In addition to the liberation of Wabho, General Anod revealed that the military operation resulted in the retaking of other residential areas previously under Al-Shabaab’s control. The villages of Daadale, Gal-Qoryaale, and Bidde Isse were successfully reclaimed, putting an end to the group’s extortion practices targeting the local populace and public vehicles.

The operation not only weakens the hold of Al-Shabaab but also provides a renewed sense of security for the residents of Wabho and the surrounding villages.

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