Hargeisa’s mayor refutes allegations of joining Somaliland’s ruling party

Hargeisa’s Mayor, Abdikarin Ahmed Mooge, has categorically denied claims that he has joined Somaliland’s ruling party, Kulmiye, despite the party’s announcement on three separate occasions stating otherwise.

Mooge addressed the allegations during a brief interview with local Media at Hargeisa’s Freedom Park, firmly asserting his non-affiliation with the party.

“I want to make it clear that I am not affiliated with that party. No one else can define or label my political allegiances. If I were joining a party, it would be evident to everyone. I have no current association with any party,” Mooge emphasized, dispelling the rumors surrounding his political affiliations.

Mooge, who was previously a member of the opposition party, Waddani, has been noticeably absent from their recent meetings, fueling speculation about his political stance. However, he clarified that his focus now lies solely on the progress and development of Hargeisa, the capital city of Somaliland.

“While I did leave the Waddani party, I have not joined another party. My time is limited, and my primary commitment is to fulfill the responsibilities for which the people of Hargeisa elected me,” Mooge declared, reaffirming his dedication to serving the interests of his constituents.

Mooge, known for his strong stance against tribalism, secured a significant electoral victory during the regional councilors’ election on May 31, 2021. His success in the election demonstrated the trust and support he enjoys from the people of Hargeisa.

Since assuming office, Mooge has expressed his unwavering commitment to upholding the promises he made to his constituents.

He has also expressed his desire to act as a mediator in political disputes within Somaliland, highlighting his broader vision for fostering unity and cooperation among different factions.

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