SNA commandos kill 18 Al-Shabaab militants in Galgudud region

The Somali National Army’s Commandos unit conducted a successful operation in Budbud area and Galcad town in Galgudud region under Galmudug State, killing 18 Al-Shabaab militants and injuring others on Saturday afternoon.

According to officials who spoke to state owned media, the operation targeted senior Al-Shabaab commanders, and the terrorist network was destroyed during the offensive.

Deputy Minister of Information of the Federal Government of Somalia, Abdirahman Yusuf Adala, confirmed the success of the operation and emphasized the commitment of the SNA, regional forces, and international partners to eradicating terrorists throughout the country.

This operation comes just days before the government plans to launch the second phase of the total war on the group fighters in the southwest and southern parts of the country. The successful operation is a significant milestone in Somalia’s ongoing fight against terrorism, and it demonstrates the country’s resolve to maintain peace and security.

Al-Shabaab has been a persistent threat to Somalia’s stability, and the government, with the support of international partners, has been working to eradicate the group and bring peace and stability to the country.

The success of the operation in Galgudud region is a significant achievement, and it sends a clear message to the terrorists that their actions will not be tolerated.

The operation in Budbud area and Galcad town is a significant step towards achieving lasting peace and security in Somalia.

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