Galmudug state leader holds diplomatic meeting with EU ambassador to Somalia

On Wednesday, Ahmed Abdi Kariye, the President of Galmudug State, received a delegation led by Ms. Tiina Intelmann, the Ambassador of the European Union to Somalia, at the presidential palace of Galmudug State in Dhusamareb.

The meeting, attended by Vice President Ali Dahir Eid and members of the Galmudug Cabinet, focused on various topics, including the overall situation in the country, the democratic process, economic infrastructure, and the European Union’s ongoing projects in Galmudug State.

In a tweet from the President’s official account, Kariye expressed his pleasure in receiving the EU delegation and discussing key issues such as security, democratization, and the EU’s investment in developing Galmudug’s economic infrastructure.

The EU delegation also shared their satisfaction with the meeting’s outcome, emphasizing the importance of security, stabilization, democratization, and development assistance in Somalia.

The EU is one of Somalia’s key partners in its efforts to promote peace, security, and economic development.

The Minister of Petroleum and Minerals for Galmudug, Amal Ahmed Arahey, also tweeted her delight in participating in the fruitful discussions with the EU delegation.

She highlighted the importance of the EU’s investment in developing Galmudug’s economic infrastructure, which would benefit the people of the region and contribute to the country’s overall economic growth.

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