SNA & ATMIS forces thwart bomb attack in joint operation at Dab-& Dhagah base

Somali National Army (SNA) and Allied Troops of Multinational Intervention Support (ATMIS) joined forces to foil a potentially bomb attack at the Dab-and Dhagah base near Bula-burte town in the Hiiraan region.

The successful operation, which took place near the bustling Bula-burte airport, marks a significant victory in the ongoing fight against Al-Shabaab group in Somalia.

The SNA-Commander in Hiiraan, Farah Ali Wasage, demonstrated his commitment to eradicating the threat posed by Al-Shabaab militants during a visit to the Bardhabaq area near Halgan district.

Commander Wasage assured the local population that the Somali National Army would provide robust reinforcement to the existing forces operating in the region. This pledge underscores the SNA’s determination to combat terrorism and ensure the safety and security of Somali citizens.

These recent military developments coincide with the SNA forces’ strategic advancement in the Galgudud region, aimed at gaining control over the towns of Ceel-buur and Galhareri. Located within the jurisdiction of Galmudug State, these towns have long been under the influence of Al-Shabaab.

The joint operation at the Dab-and Dhagah base near Bula-burte airport was a meticulously planned and executed mission. Acting on credible intelligence, the SNA and ATMIS forces swiftly mobilized to neutralize the imminent threat of a terrorist bomb attack.

The collaborative effort showcased the effectiveness of joint military operations in countering alshabaab  activities in Somalia.

According to military sources, the operation involved a combination of intelligence gathering, precise airstrikes, and ground assaults. SNA and ATMIS forces worked in close coordination, leveraging their respective strengths to dismantle the terrorist network responsible for the planned attack.

The operation resulted in the apprehension of several suspected militants, the recovery of a cache of weapons and explosives, and the prevention of potential loss of life and destruction.

The SNA-Commander in Hiiraan’s visit to Bardhabaq area near Halgan district carries immense significance. By pledging to reinforce local forces, Commander Wasage aims to empower the community and enhance their capacity to combat Al-Shabaab militants effectively. 

Meanwhile, the ongoing SNA offensive in the Galgudud region, specifically targeting Ceel-buur and Galhareri towns, is a crucial step in reclaiming territory from Al-Shabaab. These towns have served as strongholds for the militant group, enabling them to exert control and propagate their ideology.

The SNA’s campaign to control Ceel-buur and Galhareri towns is expected to be a challenging endeavor.

Al-Shabaab militants have historically employed guerrilla tactics, exploiting the region’s rugged terrain to their advantage. However, the SNA’s recent successes, combined with their continued resolve and the support of ATMIS forces, inspire optimism that these towns will soon be liberated from the group’s influence.

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