Serbia to support Somalia improve drainage systems in Mogadishu

The government of Serbia has pledged its support to Somalia in improving the drainage system, which had not been maintained for over 30 years. This move comes after talks between Somalia’s Ambassador to Serbia, Mohamed Abdullahi Ahmed, and the Mayor of Belgrade, Aleksandar Šapić. Upon agreement, the two officials signed an agreement outlining several other development projects.

As part of the agreement, the officials agreed that the two countries would collaborate on the expansion of their respective capitals, Mogadishu and Belgrade. Engineers from both countries will conduct a study on the drainage systems in Mogadishu to develop a plan to improve transportation and traffic management.

Speaking after the meeting, Mayor Šapić expressed the desire to enhance the relationship between the two countries and their capitals, stating that they have a long history of working closely together. He pledged to work towards the betterment of the residents of both cities.

“Belgrade and Mogadishu had a long history of working closely together and we are ready to enhance the relationship and work for the betterment of the residents of these two cities,” Mayor Šapić said.

In response, Ambassador Ahmed expressed his appreciation for Serbia’s support and commitment towards strengthening the relationship between the two countries. He noted that the plan to improve the drainage system in Mogadishu was crucial in effectively managing the flow of traffic and transportation in the city.

Somalia’s drainage system has not been maintained for over thirty years, which has contributed to severe flooding in various parts of the country. Recently, the country has been grappling with devastating floods that have affected thousands of people and caused immense destruction in several parts of the country.

Somalia has been on a journey to re-establish stability and rebuild its infrastructure after decades of civil war. The contribution of allies such as Serbia in improving the country’s infrastructure is critical in achieving these goals.

Improvements in infrastructure, such as drainage systems, are essential in ensuring that citizens can move freely, with safety and efficiency. Bilateral agreements, such as the one between Somalia and Serbia, demonstrate the mutual commitment to developing and strengthening partnerships in critical areas such as infrastructure and development.

The commitment of Serbia to support Somalia in improving its drainage system is a significant step towards strengthening bilateral relations and enhancing development in the two countries. The move is commendable, and it reinforces the importance of maintaining collaborative partnerships between nations, particularly in advancing infrastructure and development projects in developing nations.

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