Rift between Puntland State authority and FGS heightens

The rift between Somalia’s federal government and Puntland state has reached stratospheric heights  of tension as both President Hassan Sheikh and his counterpart PM Bare professed their dissatisfaction with Abdullahi Deni led regime.

Mohamud urged Puntland President Abdullahi Deni to prioritize the voices of people in the upcoming local government elections.

This statement follows concerns of potential election manipulation in Puntland.

In a direct criticism of Deni, Mohamud warned that ignoring the people’s wishes could undo the progress made in the last two decades and even lead to political unrest.

He also cautioned Deni against conducting voting without consensus, as this could lead to more political crisis.

“The President of Puntland must consider the wishes of the people and listen to the advice of politicians and local culture,” President Mohamud said. “We cannot be satisfied that the 24 years of hard work that “we have built up will be destroyed in a short period of time.”

This comes just three days after the Prime Minister of the Somali government, Hamza Abdi Barre,  urged Puntland state to spearhead unity of the Nation other than vanguarding politics of division, while speaking in an event on, Mogadishu security .

The premier accused Puntland state for sabotaging development projects such as the employment of 400 teachers in Puntland

Bare urged Deni not to orchestrate a political crisis, warning that Puntland’s President would be responsible for any failure in debt forgiveness.

He also pointed that inclusivity and transparency are prerequisites for gov’t to accord and support the forthcoming elections

Deni reacted with anger to the accusations, throwing more fuel into the fire.

In a speech to his supporters, he accused President Mohamud of being “anti-democratic” and hinted at the possibility of a disputed election in Puntland.

The further on labeled PM Hamza  as a sycophant and conveyor belt for his senior,s [President] political ideologies .

This political impasse has led to Puntland’s political isolation, which is creating internal crises and uncertainty for the future.

In January, Puntland cut ties with Somalia’s government, declaring itself an independent government until the provisional constitution is completed and a referendum held.

The international community has called for the restoration of relations between Puntland and Somalia’s federal government, but so far, their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

This growing impasse threatens the stability and progress made in Somalia over the last two decades.

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