Puntland president makes sweeping changes to administration amid escalating political disputes

President of Puntland State, Said Abdullahi Deni, has made sweeping changes to his administration on Saturday, just six months before the end of his mandate.

The restructuring includes numerous new appointments to ministries such as finance, disaster management, animal husbandry, home affairs, security, planning, environment, agriculture, and fisheries. Additionally, Deni has replaced both the governor and police commander in the Nugal region and commissioned new military officers and advisors.

Observers note that many of the new appointees are from the Nugal and Garowe regions, indicating that this may be a strategic move to mitigate political and security tensions in Garowe city. The appointment of officials from these regions may help to quell opposition from politicians who have contested Deni’s plans for the upcoming elections and constitution unveiling.

The shake-up also involved the dismissal of individuals suspected of maintaining close ties with opposition politicians who previously held significant influence over the appointment of those now replaced. This move sends a strong message that the President is committed to ensuring that his administration is free from political interference.

The political situation in Puntland has been tense in recent months, with opposition politicians accusing Deni of failing to address a range of issues, including corruption, insecurity, and poor governance. The appointment of new officials and dismissal of those suspected of political interference is a clear indication that the President is taking steps to address these concerns.

The changes to the administration come at a critical time for Puntland State, with Garowe facing escalating political disputes that have ignited violent clashes. The President’s actions are seen as an attempt to restore stability and calm to the region, and to ensure that the upcoming elections and constitution unveiling proceed smoothly.

The international community has welcomed the appointment of new officials, and urged the President to continue his efforts to address political and security challenges in Puntland State. The appointment of officials from the Nugal and Garowe regions is seen as a positive step towards reconciliation and promoting unity in the region.

As Puntland State moves closer to its elections and constitution unveiling, the President’s actions will be closely watched. The international community will be looking to see whether the new appointments will help to promote stability and good governance in the region, and whether they will ensure that the upcoming events proceed smoothly and peacefully.

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