Puntland electoral commission recognizes eight political parties for upcoming regional election

The Transitional Puntland Electoral Commission has announced the names of eight political organizations that have been officially recognized as political parties for the upcoming regional election.

The electoral commission stated on Monday that it had approved these parties and would soon grant them recognition certificates, following last week’s changes made in the Puntland constitution.

While some of these recognized parties did not previously participate in any elections and remain reluctant to participate in the upcoming election, the electoral commission has urged them to participate in the remaining elections for local councils, the parliament, and the presidency.

The Puntland Regional State Parliament recently amended certain provisions of the previous constitution regarding the recognition of political parties, despite opposition groups opposing the amendments. The most significant change that has sparked debate is the provision that previously allowed only three parties to participate in the elections, but the parliament decided to permit eight political parties to participate.

The recognition of these political parties is seen as a significant step towards a more democratic process in Puntland, with the increased participation of different political organizations.

However, opposition politicians in the region have threatened to conduct a unilateral election after January 8, 2024, only if President Said Deni attempts to extend his term and fails to hold the scheduled regional elections.

The recognition of these political parties is a positive development for Puntland, and it is hoped that the upcoming regional elections will be free, fair, and transparent. The increased participation of different political organizations will help to promote democracy in the region and ensure that the voices of all citizens are heard.

The electoral commission has emphasized the importance of participation in the upcoming regional election, and it is hoped that all recognized political parties will participate in the process.

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