PRESS RELEASE – Statement on the ongoing political differences over the Jubaland Regional Parliament

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Statement on the ongoing political differences over the Jubaland Regional Parliament

28 May 2015, Mogadishu, Somalia – The Forum for Unity and Democracy notes with deep concern the strained relationship between the Federal Government and the emerging regional states potentially undermining the effectiveness and credibility of those institutions. As we strive to realize a democratic and stable Somalia, the unity and concerted effort of our institutions and people are of paramount importance. Without such unity and effort, the milestones for state building and holding free and fair elections in 2016 will be compromised. As a consequence we risk losing the political and security gains achieved thus far.

The Forum is particularly disturbed by ongoing differences between the Federal Parliament and the Jubaland Regional Administration with regard to the legitimacy of the formation of the Jubaland Regional Parliament or Assembly. The Forum urges that all sides refrain from any antagonistic rhetoric and work together to resolve their differences, and build bridges through constructive dialogue so as to put the interest of our nation first.

To move our country forward, our people are looking for and deserve concrete progress and achievements from their institutions and leaders and will not tolerate continued wrangling by politicians that only waste valuable time.

The Forum for Unity and Democracy is committed to engendering social and political harmony amongst our people, and will continue to seek solutions reconciling the diverging positions of political actors.



About the FUD: The Forum for Unity and Democracy is the largest coalition of political parties and actors in Somalia committed to the realization of accountable, citizen-driven governance, constitutional reform and the return of decision-making back to the hands of the Somali people.

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