President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud picks Abdirahman Baadiyow as his advisor on Reconciliation

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has on Friday appointed of Dr. Abdirahman Abdullahi Baadiyow as the new Presidential Advisor on Reconciliation.

Dr. Baadiyow who previously served as the President advisor on Constitutional Affairs is set to inject his experience and expertise in the reconciliation efforts of the Somali community according to a statement from Villa Somalia.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud called on Dr. Baadiyow to use his vast skills and knowledge to contribute to a comprehensive and a wholesome agreement and cohesiveness in the Somali community that has been embroiled in clan animosities for dozens of years.

Prof. Abdurahman Abdullahi Baadiyow was born in 1954 in the district of Elder in Somalia.

He has been a military officer, electronic engineer, Islamic scholar and civil society activist.

He was elected Chairman of the National Unity Party established in November, 2012.

Baadiyow was one of the prominent Somali politicians who participated in the presidential race in 2012.

Former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre appointed Baadiyow to the position of the Senior Adviser of Peace and Reconciliation for his office in 2018.

Also, he was appointed by the ex- President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo to be a member of Federal Republic of Somalia/Somaliland Dialogue Committee in 2019.

President Mohamud has in recent days made a number of similar appointments in an attempt to enhance the efficiency of his government and make good his pledges to the Somali people before his tenure lapses in 2026.

The President appointed Hussein Sheikh Mohamud as his advisor on Constitutional Affairs, a position formerly held by Dr. Baadiyow.

Hussein had earlier this year resigned as the Chief of Staff of Villa Somalia and declared his intention to run for the South West State presidency.

Two weeks ago, President Mohamud named Omar Ibrahim Hashi as the special presidential Envoy on Stabilization and Civilian Protection.

He took over from former Hirshabelle State President Mohamed Abdi Ware.





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