Police nab suspected rapists in Banadir region

Somali police in the Banadir region have confirmed the arrest of two men accused of raping a young girl in Mogadishu.

According to a statement by the police, the security forces acting on a tip-off by the public have succeeded to nab the suspects who were hiding in a house in the Heliwaa district.

The two are identified as Ahmed Moalim Abdi, 22 and Ali Ahmed Nur who is 33 years old.

“The Police arrested two suspects identified as Ahmed Moalim Abdi and Ali Ahmed Nur. The Somali Police are committed to the Protection of Public Security,” the statements reads in part.

The police said the suspects will be arraigned in court after the conclusion of an investigation into their cases.

This comes as units of the Somali National Army that had recently been trained in Uganda were deployed in Mogadishu’s western outskirts, including posts in Wadajir, Dharkenley, Daynile, Kahda, and Garasbaley.

The forces are part of units tasked with securing Mogadishu, and they immediately began night patrols in the areas where they were stationed.

They will report to the police commanders of the districts in which they were deployed, and their primary mission will be to help the police maintain the capital’s peace and stability.

President Hassan Sheikh made a decision to use military forces to ensure security of the capital.

The forces are part of a group of 4 000 men trained in Uganda recently, with salaries paid by the United Arab Emirates

According to report done by  done by Somali Institute for Development Research and AnalysisSexual violence against women and girls in Somalia, an abominable crime less prevalent in Somalia pre-civil war history and completely against Islam, is emerging as a common occurrence in Somalia and Somali society has lived with its horrors for decades.

Recent figures show 76% of all recorded cases happen among the IDPs whereas 14% occur in the hosting communities Somali women and girls are reluctant to come forward, report rape due to the cultural taboo and stigma attached to it, and the shame and the loss of family honor associated with it. From the data gathered, only 2 out of 10 women feel the courage to report spousal or intimate partner violence

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