Somalia: President Hassan opens training for new police officers

The President of the Federal government of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud has on Sunday opened training more than 300 police officers at General Kahiye police training academy.

“You should understand why you are being trained as police officers, and if I a little bit shed light on is because you are responsible to serve the entire community equally and you should strictly observe the law and there is nobody who is above the law, you should not be petrified by those who break the law whoever they are” said the President

On the other hand the commander of the Somali police chief Mohamed Sheikh Hassan Hamud has also addressed the new police officers.

“This training will be going on for nine months, and here we have students who have recently accomplished their “O” level studies and the main purpose as to why we have enrolled them is that we need to train them different sectors such as traffic policemen, as municipals and as detectives” said Hamud the commander in chief of the Somali police.

On the other hand the Police commander added that there are several police cadets who will be sent to overseas training,

Radio Dalsan

Mohamed Omar Hussein