New Hawiye alliance threatens Hassan Sheikh’s second term ambition

A new Hawiye political alliance has been formed by five presidential hopefuls threatening incumbent President Hassan Sheikh ambition to remain at Villa Somalia.

The five candidates Abdirahman Abdishakur, Abdulkadir Osoble, Former Mogadishu Mayor Mohammud Tarzan, CRD Director Jabril Abdulle, Dr Abdinasir Abdulle met in Mogadishu to initiate an alliance that is likely to jeopardise Hassan Sheikh if and when the presidential election goes to a second round.

A source who attended the closed door meeting in Mogadishu told Radio Dalsan that the five aspirants agreed to join hands in order to change the currrent leadership.

This puts Hassan Sheikh in a difficult position as he has no political alliance to back his candidature.

According to analysts President Hassan Sheikh has more than 100 MPs supporting him. That puts Prime Minister Omar Sharmake on position two.

Analysts believe a third contender could twist the equation with the advantage that he will be a new fance in the race for Villa Somalia unlike the PM and President.

A third force would therefore have an advantage to defeat the PM and the President.

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