Mogadishu Mayor fortifies his actions of flooging youth at Liido beach as tough love

The Mayor of Mogadishu and Banadir Governor, Yusuf Hussein Jim’ale Madale,has fortified his actions hours after a video of the Mayor lashing civilians relaxing at Liido beach in Mogadishu surfaced the internet.The video ignited mix reactions on the on social media over the weekend.

Some chided his actions asserting that was utter violation of the rights and dignity of the natives and if case be they arrested and let law take it’s course .Others hailed him stating this would abate vices occuring in the area which many term as a drug haven. The governor, who was in charge of an operation in Mogadishu, claimed that the youngsters engaged in immoral behavior and drug use.Madale reaffirmed that his government is dedicated to ridding Mogadishu of drugs and the locations where they are used for posterity.The mayor stressed that it was his duty to uphold the morals of Mogadishu’s youth.

“We seek stability, progress, aesthetics, and a strong culture in this city, so we will not tolerate actions that undermine the dignity of our people, our religion, and good morals. We have an obligation to safeguard the future of our Somali youth, who are the most significant force in our country,” stated Mayor Madale.

This incident has occurred amidst burgeoning growing drug abuse problem and the germination of youth gangs in the city.The Banadir region administration launched operations against drug gangs in Mogadishu for a second night in response to the drug crisis.Several young men and women were detained as a result of the operation, which was directed by Governor Maddale and focused on well-known drug den areas .
Around 50 Somali military uniforms and several AK-47 rifles were reportedly seized during the operation and given to the Banadir police chief, according to Mohamed Ahmed Diriye Yabooh, the deputy commissioner of security and politics

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